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Clicking in the "MOSAIC OF PHOTOS," you chooses the category that wishes.

Each category presents one number of articles,  clicking about the article you opens the topics related that subject. Buying thus you will go straight to the subject that wishes. 

In case of doubt writing  the word(s) or some sentence(s) that identifies the subject wished using the “SEARCH” mechanism.

Free Diagnosis

In this case you will be able to do a pre-diagnosis of your business, being enough click in the question " Can you see opportunities in your business?".

An article related with that subject will be presented, clicking this time in the article you will see the presented topics facilitating your comprehension on the subject.

Our goal is of guides you how to acquire our goods of organized form and that supplies your basic needs of administration.

Products presentation

Our goods are ready in format “Power Point-ppt” , presentations could be opened and visualized through the Microsoft Office”, or still by “Open Office” (program distributed free of charge by the internet), in case you do not have these softwares or are not familiarized with then can still visualize the presentations dropping free of charge of our site Acrobat Reader”.

Post Sale

In case of doubts you will be able to send us an e-mail for the address

Our goal is to clarify eventual doubts about our material preparing you in terms of information and knowledge to do the administration of your own business.

About payment form 

Credit card

Payments through credit card “Aims or Visanet”. The period of delivery is immediate, you can make the articles download three times.

All purchase is made in a safety environment.