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What is your mission?

Here it is a space in which “Br Strategi” will make available articles that can assists you to understand which one is its mission!

We will supply in “down load brakes” a starting point for you define your deal, why your organization does it exist?

Thus you will be able to choose the best article that complements of correct way the posterior its stages mission declaration, assuring thus an ideas association of correct form for insures and fast implantation, avoiding information excesses.

We know that the disorganized administration happens when the goals and perspectives are not connected by the way basic of the “mission”.

Without define what is “the reason of being of your deal” the organization will be subject the great dysfunctions, bringing prejudices, creating undesirable, sometimes chronic pathologies, carrying you to have the false sensation that its administration is under control.

Defining your mission, for your customers, patients, employees, partners, suppliers, and even your competitors will be able to understand very well because your company exists, being the compass that will guide you to choose the best strategy to reach your goals.

The best strategy will be that will meet an activities set that combined in the correct sequence will take your deal the excellence creating a support differentiated in the market.

As any game, you need to understand as movement of the pieces (of the activities), the best way to do it, the correct sequence,  but if lack your pieces you are out of the game!

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