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What is your vision?

The vision answers the basic question “what you are going to be when you grow?”.

Its vision is going to vary with elapse it of time, fitting itself their needs helping to define what will be the best strategy for your future.

Developing strategies with base in the vision definition you are going to equilibrate contradictory forces of long term versus short term.

Any administration tool application only will have success if you have revenue growth, selling more and with costs drawback spending less, this also we apply its personal life to win more money” with “smaller fixed cost” less expenses. All the rest is cloth of fund!

Will also use this space for clarify why Virtual consultancy" and what are the differences between consultancy “Presence” and the Virtual consultancy”.

What is the consultancy vision Presence?

The customer profile and the company culture are characteristic that sometimes demand the physical presence of the consultant.

This makes the consultant has a profound participation in his organization that will help it to see options, but to a many times prohibitive cost for the mediums and small business.

What is the vision of the virtual consultancy?

Independent of technical area or of the deal when an executive or manager searches a consultant has the need to reach results with personal development.

The virtual consultancy aims turn agile this process, facilitating the understanding of a certain dysfunction without the physical presence of the consultant, but with base in a virtual presence does it interact through questions. 

In this browses will be able to interact in the formation of a pre-diagnosis “ON LINE” who will guide “you manager” to choose the best “published article contend a prognosis with base in the dysfunction marked by you, everything this via NET.

“Br Strategy” tried to develop this methodology of simple working that will facilitate and will enable “you” in the sense of understand your problem, its dysfunction, visualizing thus alternative and opportunities in your deal.

We comprehend that there is not a person who understands more of your deal than you! With base in this, the accomplishment of a pre-diagnosis ON LINE is going to do you save time, money, without losing the focus and the information quality.

We tell that the “man with the company loss of the wild environment made stop practicing his hunt abilities very used in the past”

We need to rescue this! Through the hunt the Correct Information!

We live in the knowledge era and for this reason we have to practice continually in this new environment the access to the correct information with ability without time´s loss

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